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Practical Solutions for the Modern Entrepreneur

Kennedy Consulting Group helps business owners and their key people meet the challenges of managing and growing their companies.  Working together we develop effective management tools, reduce costs, increase profits, and find and train the best people who will exceed customer expectations.  What you can expect is:

  • Better cash flow and profitability.
  • Better control of your company’s future.
  • More freedom to enjoy the success that you’ve worked for.

We focus on solving your problems, not describing them — No motivational tapes, no fat binders you don’t have time to read, just practical solutions that work from people who have “been there – seen it – done it – and survived to talk about it.”

Whether you are starting, thriving or struggling to survive, our advisory services and personal support will meet your business needs.


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When is the last time you took a step back to evaluate your company’s performance? 

Our “business diagnostics” enable you to take a step back, challenge your assumptions and view your business from the 10,000 foot level.

We can review all aspects of your key business functions and provide a solid list of recommendations for improvement along with cash flow and growth projections and a powerful visual set of metrics that you can use as a baseline, and later to gauge your progress. 

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Complex and ever changing customer demands are a fact of business life.  So are planning, performance management, marketing, cash flow, tax issues, hiring…………

Executives who want help face tough choices.  Do you too often find yourself isolated, spread thin, forced to live with decisions made outside of your comfort zone?

Our Business Support Program is simple and straightforward.  It provides you with hands-on help from an experienced executive and access to a powerful network of accredited professionals.  We can help you to resolve your business problems—at a reasonable cost. 

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Running your business without a plan is like driving blindfolded.  You need vision to see where you are going and a dash board to tell you how you are doing.

We can help you develop a Strategic Plan that answers the important questions:  what do you want to accomplish as a company? and how do you plan to accomplish it?

A Business Plan will enable you to pursue a line of credit, funding or investment and enable you to evaluate business opportunities, respond quickly and stay ahead of your competition. 

Planning is a success tool.  It keeps everyone focused and rowing in the same direction and prevents you from wasting time and money on projects that never seem to be completed.

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