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Business Health Check

"The pertinent question is not how to do things right, but how to find the right things to do, and to concentrate resources and efforts on them."
                                                                                            — Peter Drucker

How healthy is your business?  Over time, processes that worked to get you up and running may no longer be effective in growing your business.  We can empower you to make better decisions by helping you review your company’s performance and implement improvements in key areas.

Our Business Health Check is a powerful tool — an independent and objective review of all your key business functions.  It assesses your company’s strengths and weaknesses and provides a robust set of practical recommendations for you. It covers:

  • Human resources.
  • Management systems.
  • Sales and marketing.
  • Operations and planning.
  • Financial controls.
  • Computer and IT systems.

You will also see how your financial situation compares to that of other companies in your industry. We will employ benchmark data from your industry and multi-year input from your financial statements to:

  • Show side-by-side comparisons across multiple years to spot trends.
  • Calculate key ratios of profitability, leverage, solvency / liquidity, and efficiency.
  • Develop pro-forma cash flow projections and customizable growth assumptions.
  • Provide you with a dashboard to show how your business is performing over time.

We will provide a clear, concise Business Advisory Report that clarifies what needs to be done to help your company thrive and get on track for long term growth. Our practical recommendations, when implemented, will make your company more organized, profitable and competitive.


How far have you strayed from your Vision and Mission? Gain insight into what’s holding you back and create an action plan for overcoming those business hurdles.

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