How We Work

Kennedy Consulting Group provides client services on a contract, retainer or per diem basis; you choose the level that is right for you.  For more in depth information, view our Advisory Services pages.

Business Health Checks:
 These periodic assessments enable you to take a step back and view your business as a whole, empowering you to make better business decisions.  We will review the financial and operations sides of your company and develop a valuable tool for your business - our Business Advisory Report This report gives you a concise, plain language summary of your strengths and weaknesses, an action plan for reaching your goals and a set of visual metrics.  The included financial analysis shows cash flow and growth projections, and gives you a better understanding of how your business compares to that of your peers.

Business Support Program:  Under this program, we work alongside you — for a predetermined period that we mutually agree upon — providing hands-on support for virtually any business need.  We assess and prioritize those needs and make on-going changes as your business improves.  To address your issues, we call upon the resources of a powerful network of accredited professionals.  The program can be tailored to fit your budget.  Fees are paid on a monthly basis; the cost to you will be less than that of a full time administrative assistant or first line supervisor.  Our program becomes a self liquidating asset — affording you access to board level expertise at a subsidized rate.

Projects:  We can undertake assignments in a specific area of your business where it is impractical for you or your staff to do the work yourselves.  An exploratory audit is usually required before we undertake project work.  We assess your needs carefully.  It is important that we understand the context of your business and the supporting resources that you can make available so that you spend your resources wisely.  We will work with you to develop a budget in advance so that there are no surprises.  You will get progress reports every step of the way.  

Interim Management:  We can assume a senior management role to exploit a new business opportunity or respond to a disruption in your business and be onsite up to 3 days per week.  This service is on a contract basis. Our fees depend upon the skill set, level of responsibility and time period that is required.  Some longer term assignments may be converted to the Business Support Program.  This keeps your costs down by way of a reduced rate compared to our normal advisory fees and can be paid on a fixed monthly retainer basis.

We offer the fresh perspective of an outside observer and the personalized service of one who has walked in your shoes – and made it work.