What is the value to your customer?


What are the benefits that make your business unique?


What is the solution to your customer's problem or need?

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Build relationships that keep the customer coming back.


Sales & Marketing

“The final question needed in order to come to grips with the business purpose and business mission is: “What is value to the customer?”
                                                                             — Peter Drucker

We have all heard the expression, “If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door.”  It’s not true and never has been.  Before you can sell anything, your customer must know you exist and want to purchase your product or service.

Marketing is more than advertising.  Marketing is the process of creating awareness and driving interest in your products or services.  Without it, your better mousetraps will languish in your warehouse.

Every aspect of your marketing effort, including the nature of the product itself, must be driven by the needs of your potential customers.  The starting point must always be the customer.

Before you spend your first dollar on promotion, you need a plan.  We can work with you to identify needs in the marketplace, develop your solution that serves those needs and focus your marketing dollars where they will do the most good.

We will help you to address the essential issues:

  • Identifying your customers and the markets for your products or services.
  • Creating value — defining the solution to your customer’s problem or need.
  • Articulating the benefits you offer that make you unique from your competitors.
  • Communicating the value of the transaction, what it will cost, the benefits, the reward.
  • Determining where the customer can find your solution, how easily they can buy it and take delivery.
  • Creating promotions for your solution.  How and from whom will customers learn enough to make a buying decision?
  • Measuring the results of your promotional activities to get the most “bang for your buck.”

Sales are the activities involved in conveying the features, advantages and benefits of your products or services and securing their purchase.  Sales complete your marketing activity.  Sales management challenges all businesses.

We can help you to:

  • Identify prospects within your selected markets.
  • Manage follow up on sales leads.
  • Deliver your message.
  • Build relationships that keep the customer coming back.
  • Identify your most productive accounts.
  • Track and manage selling activities.
  • Use your sales staff to gather competitive intelligence.
  • Bring value to your customer.

What’s really going on out there?  How often do you spend time with your customers?  Do you ask for feedback on how you are meeting their needs?  How do your salespeople spend their time?  Are they developing new accounts or just taking orders?  Do you have performance standards?  What is a customer worth? Are you measuring sales effort vs profit? How many accounts are too big to lose? 

Knowing the answers to these questions will contribute to sales success. Having an outside resource adds perspective.  We can help you put a plan in place to improve your situation.

Successful leaders find opportunities and use them effectively.

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