Human Resources

Motivated employees are more productive.No matter how good your product or service, it must be delivered by people.  If you want to grow beyond a one person shop, you must take on staff.  People allow you to leverage time, resources, knowledge and technology to get more work done in the same amount of time.  Your trade-offs are your legal and management responsibilities.

A Human Resources framework establishes your process for acquiring and retaining your employees.  You may not be large enough to staff an HR department but you can still have the essential components.  Your framework should have:

  • Detailed, documented job requirements for each position including desired personality traits.  This allows you to weed through applications and resumes and keeps you focused while conducting interviews.
  • A thorough, well written job description for each position so there is clear communication about the job between you and your employee.  No more, “It’s not my job.”
  • An employee handbook.  This is your “contract” with your employees.  Your HR policies allow you to be clear with employees on the nature of the organization • what they should expect from the company • what the company expects of them • how policies and procedures work at your company • what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior • what the consequences of unacceptable behavior may be.  Your HR policies enable you to manage risk.
  • Personality and skills assessment testing to assure the candidate can do the job and fit into your culture. An employee’s personality should fit the job.  Assessments allow you to gauge how well a candidate can handle responsibility, interact with customers and co-workers, follow rules and procedures, and respond to change.
  • Multiple sources to solicit applicants and knowledge of prevailing wage rates to ensure your pay and benefits are competitive.
  • A compensation structure that motivates your employees to do their best work.
  • A performance evaluation or review program.  Workers need feedback and constructive criticism of their work as well as goals for the future.
  • Effective interviewing techniques to maximize the value of the job interview for both you and the candidate.

When hiring employees you want to minimize costly mistakes.  Not only is there an investment of time and money to recruit, train and supervise a worker, but a bad hire can cost you unemployment compensation, severance pay and legal fees.  The wrong worker will impact employee morale and cause you to lose customers.

We can train you in a recruiting method that is particularly effective in selecting the right person who will not only perform the job well but will mesh with your company culture.

Managing others is a challenge.  Human interaction is complex.  Members of your staff need to complement each other as well as be able to perform their tasks.  You must motivate your workers and mentor future managers.  Your customer must be served.  With excellent employees, you can develop an excellent and successful business.  Your company will be more prosperous if you have:

  • A strong mission statement and vision for your company that will excite a prospective employee.  The first role of the owner is that of visionary.  Once the direction, goals and key success strategies are established, it is important to infuse them into your organization.  These elements keep everyone rowing in the same direction. Working for you should be more than a job.
  • A company culture that projects the feeling that you are doing everything you can to make your employees feel a part of the team and productive from day one.  The culture has to be communicated to and understood by all employees and should be noticeable to suppliers and customers as well.
  • A system of mentoring and support for managers and supervisors.  Leadership, leverage and delegation skills can be taught.  Managers stand or fall on the quality of their leadership.  They must successfully translate company goals to those below them.  These people are at the cutting edge of meeting customer needs.

Inspiration and motivation are often unappreciated.  Without the necessary tools to improve your staff's capacity to perform, you will continue to spend valuable time resolving problems.  That time could otherwise be spent on building your business.

We can help you to create a Human Resources framework and develop your “soft” skills.

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