With Kennedy Consulting Group, you need not face a crisis alone.Business reorganization is the ultimate test of crisis management.  For any one of a dozen reasons your workplace is in turmoil and you are bleeding cash.  In most cases the stakes are very high and the company and its key employees are forced to react quickly and navigate change.  You need not face it alone. We can quickly assemble operations, sales and financial experts in these distressed situations.  We identify and evaluate the best alternatives and then act decisively.

How you approach a crisis can affect the outcome.  We see a challenge, not a catastrophe.

We are not afraid to make the tough decisions when others cannot.  At Kennedy Consulting Group, we recognize that critical situations require immediate and definitive action.  We move quickly, bring people together, focus your business on the key issues and stop the downward spiral.  Our emphasis is on achieving quick, measurable results by working closely with everyone involved.

As with everything we do, our style is to work hands-on with your stakeholders, to analyze the situation, make decisions, and implement changes. It is our goal to gain commitment and consensus, enhance management control, and increase the likelihood of a successful turnaround.

We have “been there – seen it – done it – and survived to talk about it.”

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